We Supply and Install Domestic and Commercial Pool Heat Pumps.

Sackett Services proudly works with brands synonymous with quality and innovation, for their heating, controlling, chlorinating and filtering. Here's a glimpse into some of their offerings:

  • Oasis X Series Heat Pumps: These pumps come with an automatic reverse cycle defrost system, allowing functionality even in temperatures below 0หšc. With the latest in heat pump technology, they offer a range of units suitable for varying needs.
  • Smart Controllers: The Oasis Smart automation system is the future, with the ability to monitor the PH and chlorine levels of the pool, all in one app. Whether you want to set the mood with lights or ensure your pool is ready for a dive as soon as you reach home, the Oasis Smart App offers unparalleled convenience.
  • CX PREMIUM SALT & MINERAL CHLORINATOR: This product stands out for its automation and adaptability. Whether you have a new or existing pool system, its quick setup, self-cleaning features, and compatibility make it an optimal choice.

Why Magnesium Salt?

Magnesium salt is more than just a pool additive; it's a rejuvenating experience. Element mineral salt, a sodium-based, magnesium-enriched blend, is preferred for its healing properties. Swimming in magnesium-infused water feels silky smooth and ensures that the water remains crystal clear, thanks to the natural flocculant effect of magnesium chloride.

Swimroll Pool Covers

A pool cover is essential, especially in variable climates. Sackett Services recommends Remco Swimroll Pool Covers, tailored to fit every pool perfectly. Remco is renowned for its commitment to style and quality; to ensure your pool area augments the aesthetics of your space. They also ensure safety, and maintain the poolโ€™s temperature and cleanliness, with 3 options to suit the design of your pool:

  • Swimroll In-Floor system, which is installed below the pool's surface and the hidden, fully-automatic system can be operated remotely.
  • The award-winning Swimroll Below Ground system boasts both style and functionality with remote, fully-automated operation, and providing exceptional pool safety with an impenetrable surface.
  • The Remco Swimroll In-Seat pool cover is designed to fit within the pool's structure, offering space efficiency and easy operation through switch or button controls.

Their Swimroll pool covers combine safety with self-maintenance, and can withstand weights of up to 70 kilos and, with their unique design, direct debris to skimmer boxes, cleaning themselves while saving on heating and chemical costs.

With a dedication to offering only the best to their customers and an undying commitment to evolving in the pool installation and maintenance space, Sackett Services has firmly established its mark. Whether it's heating solutions, pool covers, or maintenance products, they bring together the best of technology and expertise, ensuring that homeowners in Tasmania can enjoy their personal oasis, all year round.

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