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  • Removable intake grille
  • Fresh air intake
  • Quiet operation.
  • Automatic flow adjustment
  • Five-year parts and labour warranty.
  • Auto restart
  • Weekly timer

Testimonial from Matthew Simmons regarding his Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioning System

It is not often I feel the need to get in touch with a service provider to provide positive feedback, actually, I have never done it before. I guess that shows the significance of how happy I am with the product and services that Sackett Services provided us.
Anyway a bit of an overview of my thoughts below after being in our house for over 1 year now.
We moved in in Winter and I would say within 10 to 15mins after turning the indoor heating on it was warm!!

  • It is an even heat, there are no cold spots in the house. Due to your input on where the floor vents needed to go.
  • No air blowing at you. Once again due to your input on where the floor vents needed to go.
  • No sound of the internal unit (ours is under the floor)
  • By turning the system we can keep our bedroom cool, but the back rooms were the kids are nice and warm. Big plus!
  • The system is pretty much set and forget. All thermostat controlled and timer controlled. Really handy.
  • The system performs just as well cooling the house during summer.
  • Maintenance free. The only thing we do is vacuum the air filter every once in a while.
  • Running costs are lower than our old place which was much smaller. In the old house, we were running panel and blower heaters.See our bill overview for the last quarter below.
  • Part of our plan when planning the house was to put in a wood heater because we like the feeling of them, but I would have to say now we are not even considering it because we are so happy with the system.

Overall as you can gather we are really happy with everything that Sackett services provided us. It is great to meet someone who is willing to really back the products that they sell. I am really happy we invested in the systems you recommend.
Thanks again.
Matthew Simmons