Switching to commercial solar isn't just about going green – it's a smart strategy with a host of advantages. Think beyond just cutting down those energy bills.

Embracing solar positions your brand as a leader in sustainability, attracting like-minded customers and employees.

Curious about the full range of benefits? In our latest article we explore the 17 reasons why solar power is a brilliant choice for your business.

Love the idea of swimming on a crisp winter morning or hosting late-night pool parties?

Even in Tasmania, your pool season never has to end!

Our expert team, and cutting edge heating systems, ensure your pool is the perfect temperature all year, saving you money and energy.

Read more about how we can customise your pool experience, and take your lifestyle to a whole new level, all year round.

Feeling the heat from rising gas prices?

Discover how Tasmania is leading the charge towards sustainable energy and how your business can benefit from the shift to more sustainable options.

Congratulations to Delpero & Clements Builder for winning the HIA-CSR Tasmanian Townhouse/Villa of the Year!

They are also a finalist for the 2024 HIA Australian Townhouse/Villa of the Year.

Sackett is proud to have contributed to this award-winning project with our expertise in mechanical, heating, cooling and electrical systems.

As the chill of winter approaches, it's time to give your AC some TLC! Don't let neglect lead to costly repairs and inefficiency.


Ensure your system is ready to hibernate with our expert winter AC maintenance tips.

From clearing debris to checking refrigerant levels, we've got you covered.

In the increasingly eco-conscious landscape, businesses, property owners, and strata managements are turning to integrated energy solutions to align with public perception and achieve their sustainability goals.

From 2030 onwards, the majority of new cars sold in Australia will be electric, and the integrated approach combines electric vehicle (EV) chargers, commercial solar panels, and battery storage systems, all managed by a smart system.

Discover a sustainable future with the Brighte Loan Scheme, in partnership with Sackett Services. Up to $10,000 with 0% interest for energy-efficient upgrades! Join over 1,000 Tasmanians in upgrading to a greener lifestyle

If your air conditioner has been taking a break during the colder months, it may have collected leaves, dust, and debris, and its essential parts might need some pre-summer care. The last thing you want is to suffer in the heat with an under-maintained unit.

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The team at Sackett are proud of our partnerships with builders and architects, and so it goes without saying that we wanted to congratulate Delaney & Co and Clever Design, who won the 2023 HIA-CSR Tasmanian Home of the Year.

Owning a pool in Tasmania is a great way of embracing the Tasmanian spirit of outdoor living. Our island's natural beauty and moderate climate offer the ideal setting for aquatic enjoyment. Beyond relaxation, a pool becomes the heart of family gatherings and a hub for social fun, well-being and relaxation.

The Commons Hobart is not just an architectural feat; it's Australia's premier carbon-positive residential apartment building. Strategically situated on the cusp of Hobart’s CBD, this seven-storey build houses 30 well-designed ‘homes’, championing the vision of sustainable urban living. 

The integration of recycled materials, progressive passive solar design, vast thermal mass, and rooftop solar panels, propels this building to the forefront of eco-friendly design. Beyond the structure, the very ethos of the building leans into the concept of community, enabling its residents to live harmoniously with both each other and the environment.

For homeowners, a swimming pool is more than just a luxury; it's an oasis, a getaway right in their own backyard. But in places like Tasmania where temperatures can often be on the cooler side, making the most out of a pool all year round requires top-notch heating and maintenance solutions. The team at Sackett Services has got you covered.

Alex Shadbolt Operations Director

Alex is a no-nonsense electrician who has brought his genuine passion and real dedication to the team at Sackett Services, as Operations Director. His profession has taken him from humble beginnings to becoming a guiding force in the field he loves, and literally full circle.

The recent updates from the 2023 Australian Federal Budget present exciting opportunities for businesses, homeowners, and strata companies to embrace environmentally friendly practices.

Sackett Services can provide valuable insights into these incentives, including the $20,000 Small Business Energy Incentive, which offers tax deductions for electrification investments. Read on for more details!

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Considering a range of options to heat your home but still haven't made up your mind?

Before you make up your mind, let us introduce you to hydronic heating - a unique method of heating your home or building which brings some advantages that no other method can. Read on for more!

Hydronic Heating Installation