We've got A's for your Q's

How do I get more product information/product comparisons/prices?

Use the links in this website to access supplier information or contact Sackett Services directly using the contact information provided under ‘Contact Us’.

What capacity heater, heat pump or air conditioner do I need?

The size of the heater or air conditioning unit is determined based on the volume of the room area it is to serve and heat loss calculation. Sackett Services consultants can advise you on the best solution for your premises, free of charge.

How can I achieve the most effective use of reverse cycle air-conditioning?

Greatest energy efficiency is achieved by maintaining the conditioned space within certain boundaries. A heat pump will only add or remove its rated capacity in kW of energy in one hour of operation on high fan speed. Therefore if you allow the space to get too cold/hot and then expect your heat pump to give you instant comfort you will be disappointed. It may need to operate for 3 hours to gain control of the space because of the extra load.

Sackett Services recommend you don’t allow your conditioned area fall below 16 degrees in winter or rise above 26 degrees in summer. Look at the weather forecast in advance to operate your machine within these parameters when your home is unoccupied.

How can I compare the costs of running the heat pump and air-conditioning options available?

Check in the supplied unit brochure for power input levels. These are usually written in watts. Multiply this figure by your kW/hr metered charge rate to give you running costs: eg. Fujitsu ASTG18LVCA – input 3190w in heating , multiply x 15.197c/hour (tariff 42 Hydro Heat cost) = 3190 x 15.197 = 48478 cents, divide x 1000 = 48.4 cents/hour maximum.

How do I maintain my heat pump?

Regular cleaning of filters (vacuuming or washing if necessary) and a yearly service by a qualified technician before the change of heating/cooling season is recommended.

What is the heat pump defrost cycle and how can this be avoided?

The defrost cycle is a normal operation of your heat pump when the temperature outside is below 5 degrees. A heat pump is designed to heat the area it was sized for and not the whole house, so you need to close doors where possible and run the heat pump at 21 degrees. Extra heating devices in extremes of ambient will also take the load off your machine.

What happens if I run a heat pump at a high temperature while the external temperature is extremely cold?

Your outdoor unit may freeze up causing the unit to go into a defrost cycle more often.

Do heat pumps work effectively in rooms or areas that are open or suffer from drafts?

Your heat pump is sized to heat a certain area and where possible doors should be closed to maintain efficient operation. Installation of a panel heater(s) for hallways is recommended to assist the operation of your heat pump. A draft = extra load and higher running costs.

My heat pump unit is leaking water, why is this so?

In extreme heat conditions ›28◦c, you should have all drapes closed to minimize radiant heat ingress into your home. A realistic temperature set point would be 5◦c lower than the outdoor ambient temperature, no lower. If the setpoint is too low (22 degrees or lower) the outdoor unit doesn’t get a chance to cycle off and the moisture in the air is frozen onto the indoor heat exchanger. If this is allowed to build up to excessive thickness the drain operation is compromised and water leakage will occur.

The remote control is not working. How can I fix this?

First, replace the batteries in the remote control. With a pen or other blunt pointed instrument, depress the ACL button (see owners manual) for 10 seconds. Then release. This will clear the controller memory and you will then be required to reset the time of day. If a problem persists consult your authorized service agent.

My heat pump is not working. What is the most likely problem?

This may be the result of a power failure/power surge or the heat pump unit is ‘confused’ due to overuse of remote control settings. Switch off from mains power board for one minute to reset the heat pump settings. If this does not rectify the problem, consult your authorized service agent.

How can I determine the best air-conditioning or heating solution to meet my needs?

A Heating Consultant would be able to give you the best advice.