Meet Alex Shadbolt: Sackett’s Operations Director

Alex Shadbolt: Sackett’s Operations Director

Alex is a no-nonsense electrician who has brought his genuine passion and real dedication to the team at Sackett Services, as Operations Director. His profession has taken him from humble beginnings to becoming a guiding force in the field he loves, and literally full circle.

"I started my apprenticeship with Sackett Services in 2002, but mostly I love the camaraderie within the Sackett team and the variety of work we undertake," says Alex.

Although not afraid of getting his hands dirty, an electrical apprenticeship wasn’t his initial plan. “My first jobs were pumping petrol at a service station and casually working at Banjos (Bakery & Cafe). I sort of fell into becoming an electrician. I was asked by my manager of the bakery if I was interested in doing an interview for an apprenticeship, and I thought ‘why not?’. I went along and was told the best thing I could do was a pre-vocational course at TAFE which I did, then the job with Sackett came out of that.”

Alex spent a decade with Sackett’s, honing his craft and building the foundation of his success, then life led him to explore new opportunities in Queensland, where he gained invaluable experience before returning and working with another Tasmanian electrical company for seven years.

In February 2020, Alex found his way back to the Sackett team. "I returned to Sackett Services because they offer so many opportunities to grow and develop professionally," he explains.

Alex's passion goes beyond the trade. His love for the environment and commitment to eco-friendly solutions is well-aligned with the company's values. And, ask him about his superpower, and he’ll tell you, “my attention to detail, and being very personable”.

Outside of work, Alex's interests reflect his adventurous spirit. "Water skiing, camping, cars, and renovating, and landscaping our home" are just a few of the passions that fuel his enthusiasm for life.

But what truly makes Alex shine is his family and his home life. He is married with two young boys (7 months and 2.5 years), and they spend most of their weekends together outside playing and exploring their 2.5 acre property. "My wife is my hero," he proudly admits. The unwavering support and encouragement she provides have been instrumental in Alex's personal and professional achievements.

As the Operations Director, which he admits is a career highlight, Alex's role goes beyond just managing projects. He nurtures a supportive work environment, providing leadership and mentoring to his team. Mental health support and training for staff are also a top priority for him, ensuring everyone thrives in their roles.

To those aspiring to follow in his footsteps, Alex offers a practical piece of advice: "My 2-year-old is already on the tools. Get some practical skills. Pick up a drill and get curious. Talk to local businesses about apprenticeships or work experience opportunities."

Alex Shadbolt’s story is one of genuine passion and real dedication. With a humble beginning, a strong work ethic, and a deep commitment to both his team and the environment, he’s a brilliant addition to the Sackett's team.

Alex Shadbolt Operations Director