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We believe that enjoying your pool should be a year-round pleasure, even in Tasmania. Late nights, early mornings, and even those crisp winter afternoons can all be savoured in a pool equipped with an efficient pool heating.


Our heat pump systems and designs enhance and extend your pool experience, allowing you to maintain great water temperatures, and enjoy your pool for 8 to 12 months a year.

Efficient Pool Heating

Efficient pool heating is about more than just maintaining a comfortable swimming temperature. It's a smart way to save on energy costs, too. By choosing renewable energy sources like heat pumps and solar heaters, you can significantly reduce your power bills.


The systems are designed to optimise energy use and provide long term savings, and while offering an environmentally sustainable solution, you can keep fit or just relax all year round.


We are the recommended Tasmanian installation experts for SunLover Heating and Oasis Heat Pumps.


Their high-performance pool and spa heat pumps are up to 85% more efficient than previous models. The multi-speed pumps deliver the same results as standard pumps but with less energy and whisper-quiet operation. They're affordable to run, easy to install, and perfect for extending the swimming season.


With over 30 years in the industry, Sunlover has a consistent investment in innovations and offers the best warranty in the business.

Pool Design: Crafting Your Ideal Oasis

A thoughtfully designed pool can elevate your backyard into a welcome retreat, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. A successful pool design strikes the perfect balance between visual appeal and practical use.


The right design can also add long term value to your property, and no two backyards are the same.


Whether you're seeking a lap pool with optional swim jet for fitness, a compact plunge pool for a small space, an elegant infinity pool to complement modern architecture, a family-friendly oasis for gatherings, or considering integrated spa features, your design should ensure that your pool becomes a personalised haven that’s enjoyed for years to come.


Features like natural stone decking, cascading waterfalls, or built-in benches can add a touch of sophistication or playfulness, while thoughtful landscaping creates privacy and blends the pool area harmoniously into your outdoor environment.


Expert pool designers and builders will work closely with you to understand your needs, the available space, the surrounding landscape, and your specific preferences to craft a pool that seamlessly integrates with your home and lifestyle.

Sustainability and Efficiency

Incorporating sustainable practices into pool design is essential for both environmental and economic reasons.


From energy-efficient heating systems and automated pool covers to eco-friendly water treatment options, your design should prioritise efficient resource use. High-quality filters, pumps, chlorinators and controllers complete the package.


Solar heating and LED lighting can further reduce your pool's energy footprint while providing a reliable and cost-effective way to maintain a comfortable swimming environment.

Before You Dive In

To get the best outcome for you and the project, there are some things you should consider before installing a pool on your property.


●       Registration, certification and inspection regulations - learning about compliance can affect your choices of construction.

●       Soil composition, water table levels, slope, and site size all affect costs and design. Property boundaries, trees, and power lines

may restrict your options. A fibreglass pool might not work due to limited mould sizes.

●       Homeowner Liability: Pools can impact your homeowner’s insurance, and potential rate increases.

●       Safety Fences: Fencing needs to work with the surroundings for best value.

●       Maintenance: Factor in upkeep costs like landscaping, energy use, seasonal chemicals, and professional maintenance.

●       Budget: Plan financing early, as no builder will start without secure payment, and stay flexible with your wishlist.

●       Home Value: A well-built, quality pool can boost your property value, but in rare cases it may not.

SackettServices: Your Partner in Pool Design & Heating 

Sackett Services is dedicated to taking the Tasmanian pool experience to a new level.


Whether you’re considering a new pool design, exploring the best heating options, or curious about how we've helped others, we’re here to help you create the pool lifestyle you've always dreamed of.


Talk to the Sackett team today.


We’ll guide you through the pool design journey to create a stunning centrepiece that will bring you years of enjoyment.