Crafting Excellence: Sackett’s Journey with Skellig House and Elevate Building

Skellig House: A Collaborative Masterpiece

We're thrilled to share that Skellig House , designed by Crump Architects , is nominated for the 2024 Residential Architecture Awards in the "New House over 200 square metres" category. The awards, presented by Houses magazine recognise the cream of the crop in residential design in Australia. Winning one is among the highest accolades in the industry.

Skellig House stands as a stunning example of contemporary architecture. Drawing inspiration from Skellig Michael off the Irish coast (where the Skellig family come from), the house blends seamlessly into the Tasmanian landscape, combining the charm of a treehouse with the tranquillity of a boathouse. Perched on a rocky cliff overlooking the River Derwent, the home offers both privacy and expansive views. The design addresses the challenge of a constrained suburban block by creating a low-impact structure that maximises space and privacy.

Sackett’s Role in Skellig House

Working on Skellig House with Elevate Building was an exciting and rewarding experience. Our contributions were crucial in bringing this architectural vision to life.

Here are some highlights of our work:
● Redesigning airflow: We redesigned the airflow system for the ducted system, integrating it into the joinery.
● Heating and cooling systems: We supplied and installed two
Fujitsu ducted heat pump units:
● Hot water system: We added a
Sanden 300-litre hot water system to enhance the home's sustainability.

Proud Partners in Excellence
At Sackett’s, we take pride in collaborating on projects which strive to enhance the beauty and sustainability of Tasmania's architectural landscape.
If you have any questions or are considering us for your next project,
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