Embrace a Sustainable Future: Exciting Solar Incentives from the 2023 Australian Budget

Sackett Services: Commercial Sustainability

Sackett Services Pty Ltd, a trusted Tasmanian family-owned and operated business, has been at the forefront of providing exceptional electrical, mechanical engineering, air conditioning, and heating services for over 30 years. With a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, Sackett Services has played a pivotal role in several prominent commercial building projects throughout Southern Tasmania. By incorporating state-of-the-art HVAC systems, their services have not only contributed to the success of these projects but also set new standards for eco-friendly living in the region.

One such notable project is the completion in April 2023 of North Hobart's newest and largest serviced apartment hotel Sixty Six North Hobart. This impressive $32 million development boasts state-of-the-art amenities and a strong focus on sustainability.

Sackett Services played a crucial role in enhancing the project's sustainability efforts by installing 70 kilowatts of photo-voltaic panels with load controlling software and hardware, ensuring optimal energy management. Additionally, the underground parking garage was equipped with 40 electric car charger stations, alongside an electrical installation featuring load controlling software and hardware. These measures not only reduce the building's carbon footprint but also promote the adoption of electric vehicles, furthering the commitment to environmental responsibility.

In the pursuit of sustainable solutions, Sackett Services has consistently prioritised energy efficiency and green technologies. The company recognises the significant role of HVAC systems in buildings, accounting for a substantial portion of energy consumption. By leveraging their expertise and industry knowledge, Sackett Services has successfully implemented sustainable HVAC solutions that prioritise the well-being of occupants while reducing energy usage and costs.

"Sackett Services embraces the clean and green environment of Tasmania, Australia's leading state in renewable energy. We are passionate about highlighting the benefits of the solutions we provide, emphasising the advantages and cost savings associated with all our proposals," explained Michael Sackett.

The sustainability and efficiency advantages of Sackett Services' heating and cooling systems are evident throughout their projects. By integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar heating and cooling systems, geothermal technologies, and biomass heating and cooling, their HVAC designs provide viable alternatives to traditional energy-intensive systems. These innovative approaches contribute to substantial energy savings and a reduced environmental impact.

Sackett Services emphasises the importance of waste heat and energy recovery to minimise energy consumption in HVAC systems.

By incorporating technologies like air-to-air heat exchangers, heat pipe heat exchangers, and liquid-to-air membrane energy exchangers, they optimise energy recovery and improve the overall sustainability of HVAC operations.

Ventilation is another critical aspect of HVAC systems that significantly impacts energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Sackett Services recognises the potential for energy savings through well-designed ventilation strategies. Their expertise extends to natural and hybrid ventilation approaches, which combine natural airflow with mechanical systems. By considering factors such as indoor and outdoor conditions, building characteristics, and occupants' behaviour, Sackett Services designs sustainable ventilation systems that enhance energy efficiency while maintaining optimal air quality.

As a trusted partner, Sackett Services is dedicated to helping businesses unlock the full potential of sustainable energy solutions. By staying abreast of government initiatives and incentives, they can guide clients through the latest developments.

The recent updates from the 2023 Australian Federal Budget present exciting opportunities for businesses, homeowners, and strata companies to embrace environmentally friendly practices. Sackett Services can provide valuable insights into these incentives, including the $20,000 Small Business Energy Incentive, which offers tax deductions for electrification investments.

Sackett Services is proud to introduce the upcoming launch of the Brighte Green Business Loan.

The finance solution is to drive electrification for Australian businesses across solar panels, batteries, heat pumps, and more. The $20,0000 business incentive will come with flexible finance options, and be available for eligible products enabling you to embrace clean energy technologies while reducing your carbon footprint.

β€œThis could be a great opportunity for businesses to upgrade their systems and take advantage of the Brighte Green Business Loan. By adding EV charging stations businesses can both improve their sustainability efforts and drive new business to their place of work.” says Michael Sackett.

Sackett Services remains committed to advancing sustainable practices in commercial buildings, offering the best air conditioning and heating services available. With their expertise, dedication, and innovative approach, they continue to shape the future of sustainable HVAC solutions, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and environmental responsibility in the industry.

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