Michael Sackett - Managing Director

Michael Sackett is the Managing Director of Sackett Services, a key provider of commercial heating, cooling, and mechanical services in Southern Tasmania. Michael Founded Sackett Services in 1992 , Sackett Services has consistently delivered a broad range of services, including commercial air conditioning, pool installations, solar and EV charger installations, and integrated mechanical solutions such as plumbing, electrical, and ventilation.

Beginning his career with an apprenticeship from the State Education Department, Michael has focused on keeping the company at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. His drive is evident in the company's growth and commitment to offering solutions tailored to the commercial sector.

Outside of his professional role, Michael has a partner, Jill, and has an adult daughter Shannon. His interests include traveling, mountain bike riding, and kitesurfing. Michael values continuous learning, especially in areas of energy efficiency and industry costs, and is known for his effective communication skills. Under his leadership, Sackett Services remains a trusted name for businesses in Tasmania.

Alex Shadbolt - Operations Manager

Alex, Operations Director at Sackett Services, brings genuine dedication from his initial days as an apprentice in 2002. Starting out in roles at a petrol station and Banjos Bakery & Cafe, the electrical field wasn't his first choice. But a chance interview steered him towards an electrical apprenticeship and subsequent pre-vocational course at TAFE, setting the stage for his career with Sackett’s.

He dedicated a decade to Sackett, refining his expertise. Life took him to Queensland where he broadened his horizons, only to return to Tasmania to work with another electrical company. In 2020, Alex was drawn back to Sackett Services, valuing the team's camaraderie and the company's professional growth avenues.

Outside of work, Alex balances his love for water skiing, camping, and cars with family life. He cherishes weekends with his wife and two young boys on their property. As Operations Director, he emphasises a nurturing environment, with a focus on mental health support and mentorship for his team.

For those looking to join the trade, Alex advises, "Get practical skills. My 2-year-old's on the tools. Explore opportunities; the industry awaits."

Chris McTye - Financial Director

Chris McTye is a distinguished Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of experience in commercial strategy and financial management. As a member of the Institute of Company Directors and a certified Chair of the Advisory Board Centre, he not only founded his own private consultancy business two decades ago but has also crafted innovative solutions for multifaceted commercial challenges. Collaborating closely with business owners, CEOs, and Boards, Chris has a proven track record in executing strategies that align with a company's overarching vision and purpose.

Having advised Michael Sackett for several years, Chris played a pivotal role in identifying the potential to pivot the business towards sustainable energy solutions. His emphasis on fostering the next generation of talent and steering the company towards a prosperous future underscores his commitment to both business growth and sustainability.

Off-duty, he can be found enjoying weekends along the East Coast of Tasmania, immersed in family, adventure, or simply savouring a craft beer with close friends.
Favourite Quote: "Dedicated to getting things done in an ethical, responsible, and safe manner."

Advice to Aspiring Professionals: "The future is green. If you're intrigued by sustainable energy and its vast growth potential, come chat with us. We're always on the lookout for passionate individuals eager to make a difference."

Mark Reid - Commercial Service/Project Manager

With over 25 years in the air conditioning industry, Mark’s experience encompasses designing air conditioning systems, quoting, and managing projects, with a special focus on commercial maintenance. Starting as a trades assistant, Mark has since expanded his expertise by working with three distinct companies, each specialising in different areas of the industry. He loves seeing his designs come to life, bringing customer satisfaction to the forefront, and is motivated by the team environment, with each member contributing uniquely.

Beyond the workspace, Mark is a Level Two AFL coach accredited and has a range of hobbies including AFL, mountain biking, touch footy, lawn care, and wakeboarding. He's deeply committed to his ambassador work with the Leukaemia Foundation and Australian Marrow Match.

Mark is married to his wonderful wife Carmon of 20 years, and they have two boys and a dog named Millie. He loves spending quality time with his family, whether it's a quiet evening at home or watching his boys enjoy their own sporting passions. His advice to newcomers in the field is simple:
"This field has so many opportunities so make a start and see where it takes you. It has taken me to many places all over the world."

Brodie Smith - Service and Warehouse Manager

We are excited for you to meet and work with Brodie! We will be updating this section soon so you can get to know him!

Melanie Taylor - Administration Manager

With a rich history of diverse roles and experiences, Melanie Taylor is the dynamic and versatile Administration Manager at Sackett Services. Equipped with the essential skills to wear multiple hats, Melanie manages accounts payable, accounts receivable, HR, payroll, customer service, scheduling, and marketing. Her journey into this multifaceted role is as intriguing as the tasks she manages daily. Assisting operations on a 12,000 acre farm on Tasmania’s East Coast, understanding the financials spurred Melanie's decision to study accounting, a path that eventually transitioned to Business Management. Juggling family and career, Melanie helped run their family agricultural business, and worked in various industries from bookkeeping and accounts roles, to Assistant General Manager of an export knitwear company.

Her decision to join Sackett Services 6 years ago feels serendipitous; her grandfather was an electrician and her father an Electrical Engineer. What Melanie loves about her role at Sackett's is the diversity of tasks, the commitment to customers, and the bonds formed within the close knit team. Witnessing the company's evolution over three decades and its ability to remain relevant inspires her. Outside of the day job, she’s also a qualified counsellor, and has dedicated time as a support worker at a shelter for homeless young mothers.

A proud mother of three adult daughters who have inherited her love for travel, Melanie and her partner, a passionate surfer, often find themselves drawn to the beach on their adventures, which has inspired her to learn paddleboarding. She also loves a good walking track and a great cup of tea.

Cathy Moles - Job Coordinator & Warranty Administrator

Since joining Sackett Services in 2000 as a Receptionist, Cathy has meticulously cultivated her skills, becoming an integral part of the business. Today, her expertise encompasses job coordination and scheduling of both technicians and subcontractors, overseeing and processing of invoices, efficient stock ordering, managing warranty call-outs and parts ordering, and handling both commercial and residential servicing and breakdowns.

Over her 24 years on the team, Cathy has witnessed the dedication and talent of the trades team that work for Sackett. She takes pride in the recognition and appreciation she receives from her colleagues, emphasising the pivotal role of long-term, loyal staff in ensuring a company's success. Cathy finds particular joy in watching the growth of new apprentices, both in their professional capacities and in lighter moments, like observing their changing hairstyles. Her camaraderie with office colleagues is another highlight, noting her gratitude for such a supportive team environment. She admits,
"I enjoy working at Sacketts and couldn’t imagine doing anything else."

On a personal note, Cathy relishes the role of being a doting grandmother. Observing her two cherished grandchildren transform into independent and self-assured individuals brings joy. And like most proud grandmothers, the moments she shares with her family and friends are close to her heart.